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Nurovant AI. was established in 2023 in Dallas, Texas. Founded by Trevor Gicheru, alongside a dedicated team of engineers, who are committed to driving innovation at the intersection of artificial intelligence and education. Our vision is to create intuitive learning tools that simplify complex educational content, making learning accessible and engaging for everyone

Nurovant AI. leverages state-of-the-art AI technologies to create intuitive learning tools that break down complex educational content into manageable, digestible units. Guided by a commitment to promoting ease and efficiency in learning, we seek to transform the educational landscape.

As a proud contributor to Dallas' burgeoning tech scene, we embrace a culture of collaboration and innovation. Join us as we continue to redefine the learning experience, pushing the boundaries of AI in education and making learning accessible and engaging for all.


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Get quick summaries of your lectures with Recaps. Our AI turns lengthy lectures into small, easy-to-understand pieces, making study time more efficient.


Prepare for exams with quizzes created from your lectures. Our AI makes quizzes for self-testing. You'll get the answers too, but only when you're ready to see them! Quizzes will provide multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions.


Have questions about your lectures? LectureMate, our AI chatbot, is here to help. It's trained to understand and answer questions related to your lectures, making studying easier and more interactive.

Recap Cards

Make remembering key concepts easier with Recap Cards. These are flashcards with a keyword from your lectures on one side and its definition on the other.

Nurovant Recaps

Want to know what's important in your lectures without re-watching them? Our app creates an outline of each lesson, giving you the main points in a convenient, easy-to-read format.

Create personalized study plans with Nurovant. Our app can create a study plan tailored to your schedule and course content. This feature will be available with the full app release.


Nurovant is transforming.

Here's how: Nurovant will revolutionize the way students interact with their lectures and the digital education landscape by using advanced artificial intelligence to personalize and enhance the learning process:

  • Lecture Recording: Students record their lectures directly from their mobile devices using the Nurovant app. This can accommodate lectures ranging from five minutes to an hour and a half.
  • Data Transmission & Processing: Upon completion of a recording, Nurovant immediately gets to work. In a brief span of time, the app meticulously processes and analyzes the lecture content. Our intelligent system efficiently extracts key concepts and compiles a thorough summary of the material, turning hours of lectures into concise, easily digestible insights.
  • Features Utilization: Once the analysis is complete, students can access several features. These include Nurovant Recaps for condensed lecture summaries, LectureMate to answer academic queries based on the lecture content, Recap Cards that serve as digital flashcards of key concepts, and QuizGenerator for self-assessment.

Additionally there is a feature where students can create personalized study plans.

We Are The Best Student Guide.

Our Amazing features include:

  • Nurovant Recaps: The generated recaps offer students a distilled, easy-to-understand overview of the lecture. This enables a quick recall of the core points without the need to revisit the entire lecture content.
  • LectureMate: To support deeper understanding, Nurovant's AI chatbot, LectureMate, stands ready to answer academic queries based on the lecture content. This tool provides personalized guidance and clarification on-demand.
  • Recap Cards: Utilizing the identified key concepts from the lecture analysis, Nurovant generates digital flashcards. These cards present a unique study aid, simplifying the reinforcement and recall of crucial lecture material.
  • QuizGenerator: The AI extends its support to assessment as well, by generating open-ended questions from the lecture content. These quizzes offer a unique self-assessment tool to gauge understanding and memory recall.
  • Study Plans: To further tailor the learning experience, Nurovant provides a feature for students to create personalized study plans. Nurovant takes the lecture's key points and the user's available study timeframe to design a comprehensive study schedule.

Nurovant is a game-changer in digital education, leveraging AI's capabilities to offer a personalized, efficient, and effective learning experience, straight from a student's mobile device.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Nurovant?

    Nurovant is an AI-powered learning companion designed to revolutionize digital education. It captures, analyzes, and facilitates understanding of lecture content, transforming dense information into manageable content for enhanced learning efficiency.

  • Nurovant mitigates the problem of information overload in digital education by recording lectures and refining them into manageable content. This process allows students to effectively process and retain information at their own pace.

  • Nurovant uses advanced AI to extract crucial insights from lectures, which can be reviewed and studied at a later time. It also facilitates post-lecture recaps and quizzes, helping students establish a deeper connection with the learning material and improving comprehension and recollection.

  • By recording and analyzing lectures, Nurovant provides students with a personalized learning resource directly linked to their course material. This reduces reliance on external resources, ensuring study effectiveness.

  • A report by Global Market Estimates projects that the global AI in education market will grow from USD 4.25 billion in 2023 to USD 20.65 billion in 2028, at a CAGR of 45.9% from 2023 to 2028.

  • Yes, Nurovant is committed to ensuring data security and privacy. We implement industry-leading encryption standards, privacy-by-design principles, and secure servers to protect your data.

  • 1. Lecture Recording: Students initiate the process by recording their lectures using the Nurovant app on their mobile devices. The app can handle lecture durations ranging from five minutes to an hour and a half.

    2.Data Transmission & Processing: After the lecture is recorded, the real magic happens. Within 5-30 minutes, Nurovant employs NLP to process and analyze the lecture content, dissecting the material and identifying key concepts.

    3.Features Utilization: Once the analysis is complete, students can access several features. These include Nurovant Recaps for condensed lecture summaries, LectureMate to answer academic queries based on the lecture content, Recap Cards that serve as digital flashcards of key concepts, and QuizGenerator for self-assessment. Additionally, students can create personalized study plans with the Study Guide Plans feature.

    By incorporating AI and NLP, Nurovant creates a comprehensive, convenient, and effective learning experience tailored for digital education.

  • Nurovant comes with several innovative features that enhance the learning experience, including the 'QuizGenerator' for self-assessment, 'LectureMate' for interactive learning, 'Recap Cards' for mastering key concepts, 'Nurovant Recaps' for quick content overviews, and 'Study Guide Plans' for personalized study schedules.

  • LectureMate' is a chatbot feature in Nurovant that uses AI technologies to understand and answer academic-related queries. It provides a guided study experience, allowing students to clarify doubts or questions that were not addressed in the lectures.

  • Recap Cards' are AI-generated flashcards that are created based on the keywords analyzed from your lecture materials. They present a keyword on one side and its definition on the other, aiding in understanding and remembering key concepts and terms from your lectures.

  • The 'Study Guide Plans' feature in Nurovant allows users to create personalized study plans based on their course and schedule. The AI takes into account the user's timeframe and lecture keywords to build an effective study plan, either from an inserted transcript or simply from inputted keywords.

  • Nurovant Recaps' is a feature that creates concise summaries for each segment of lecture content. It gives students a quick overview of the material, enabling them to grasp the core points without having to revisit the entire lecture.

  • Nurovant leverages advanced AI technologies to transform dense lecture content into manageable units, extract key insights, generate quizzes and flashcards, and provide interactive learning experiences. This intelligent use of AI helps to enhance comprehension and recollection of the lecture content.

  • Nurovant is designed with a broad academic scope in mind, making it an effective learning tool for a wide range of disciplines. Whether you are studying humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, or professional courses, Nurovant can be a valuable asset in your academic journey.